In today’s time, a lot of people are blogging and earning money from it, but 90% people fail to earn money from their blog. There are 2 steps to earn money from a blog or website. One is Adsense, affilate or any other network and the second step is to bring traffic. The biggest question arises in this, where to get traffic for your blog, today we will give you 3 Following this, we will tell you the ways that you will start getting traffic immediately and within 24 hours you will start getting results.

You must have heard the name of the ways I am telling you today, but you do not get a proper plan that how to do it, today I will explain something in a simple way and in a smart way, so if you do not read this post completely, If you do not understand at all, then let us know those 3 ways that the traffic will start raining on your site very quickly like rain.

Today whatever traffic lane methods we are going to tell you, they are going to give 100% instant results and you must have heard the name of all those methods but we will tell you the tricks which are going to be very beneficial today.


You people will know about this method, but wait, today I am going to tell you its ESI secret trick, which will see your eyes open.

You have to first click on this link CLICK HERE, then select the country from which country you want traffic, after that you will tell it whatever content trend is in that country, after that you have to write an article on it. And you have to put an article on TWITTER and from this site you will get # tags, you have to put all those up in your TWITE and just post it, you have to see the within 24 hours A. If you get Btaiyega must write in Ezek trick was achi then comment |


You must have heard the name of this, there is no trick in it and it is a paid method, in this you will have to make a page for your website and in that you must put every post you upload on your website, after that you will That post will have to be BOOST and use you INTERSES to select the topic of the topic of your post and you do not have to charge BOOST of 100 or 200 rupees daily, you will see that after a week you will get a BOOST. No need Ane will they automatically be active on your page and your website |


QUORA is a very good means of traffic lane but you must be wondering how you will get traffic from it immediately, so for that you have to die searching on QUORA according to the topic of your site, it will have many profiles of people who have grown If you do, you have to message them to give a link to your site or to do their profile B. This will give you a lot of traffic in a short time and Q UALITY will get traffic as well as the authority of your domain will also increase.

Last word,

Friends, I do not use 3 methods myself and get good traffic. You should also try these methods, you will get a lot of traffic very soon.

If you have any other questions, you can comment by commenting on us, we will reply to you very soon and share this post with your friends also so that they can also increase the traffic of their blog.

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